The greeting of the guests starts through a ultramodern lobby bar with an imposing design with unique decoration.

The Salons are exclusively intended for events like: weddings, baptisms, balls, banquets, corporate and private parties, conferences, fashion shows, anniversaries, product or brand introduction, auctions, varnishing etc.

The main restaurant at ground floor, Atlantic, is used also as the main restaurant for the hotel, but also along with the other Salons, can be used for the events mentioned above.

MARI VILA Salons are the perfect choice for any type of event in your life, is the place you will always want to come back.

In company with an experienced professional team in organizing events and with prestigious chefs, we offer you a large range of services, diversified and customized menus, catering for other events, floral arrangements and settings.

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Our experience and the opinions of the customers recommend us!

The capacity for our salons intended for events is as follows:

Rustic Salon (NEW!) – 180 persons

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Atlantic Salon – 150 persons

img-20170430-wa0002 img-20170810-wa0000 IMG_0094 IMG_0174 IMG_0108 Atlantic Salon IMG_0098 IMG_0149 Atlantic Salon Atlantic Salon Atlantic Salon Atlantic Salon

Shanghai Salon – 100 persons

IMG_0006 IMG_0016 IMG_0023 IMG_0037 IMG_0051 IMG_0064 IMG_0072 IMG_0082 Shanghai Salon Shanghai Salon Shanghai Salon Shanghai Salon

Pattaya Salon – 40 persons

dav p1170016 p1170021 Pattaya Salon Pattaya Salon Pattaya Salon Pattaya Salon Pattaya Salon

Balli Salon – 20 persons

Bali Salon Bali Salon Bali Salon